How it works…

Every day you get 1 Ticket for login.
You can get more VIP-Tickets by winning them.
You need them to start the game.
Rank-Tickets are free to get by watching ads.
You can only have 1 Rank-Ticket by watching ads.
You can stack them only by winning more Rank-Tickets.
As long as you have enough Rank-Tickets you can continue the game up to 3 times + 1 continue for watching ad.
If you dont have more than 1 Rank-Ticket you can continue 1 time for watching ad.
Leaderboard reset...
The leaderboard reset after 24hours
BIG reset...
Every 1st day in the month there is a big reset where you loose  1 rank. If you were gold you fall back to silver. If you were silver you fall back to bronze.
For every game you get XP-points. You need them to go up in rank.
Collect rewards...
You can collect your rewards after the leaderboard reset.
MINIMUM withdraw: 25 DOGE
Withdraw can take up to 48hours.
(NOTICE: If you withdraw less then the minimum you will lost your DOGE)
Refresh button...
If the server is to slow or you miss your rewards just click on the refresh button...